Pershing Place

It is one of the properties which is a combination of luxury and beauty. The architect of the building proves that the property has been designed with the best architects of the world. The building is made with the moulded brick decorations and apart from this it is capped with the strong cornice. This is one of the woodwork for the one who loves it. The property has a centre hall and apart from this it is bordered with the living room along with the dining room.


Normally we have heard that the houses are made from one material. The people generally don’t show any interest to properties that are made with the mixed materials. This is one of the houses which is made with bricks and the wood. It a superb combination of the two materials. The carefully designed textures with six bedrooms are going a feel of royalty to the family residing there.

Portland Place:

It is situated at the private place, and the property was constructed in the year 1906. It is an amazing collection of the classic American architecture which is making everyone falls in love with the beautiful building. It has a royal grand case with windows fitted for the ventilation. Apart from this it has a library, living room, dining room, along with the sitting room. The designers have taken a lot of care while designing the houses. It has a delicate moulding and the dark heavy wood carvings.


The curves of the house will make you fall in love with the construction of the house. The property situated in the lush green campus is one of the best creations from the architecture. Purchasing this property is one of the best decisions for anyone.

No matter either the house is small or big; you will feel the luxury once you are in the house with your loved ones, choose any house and have a royal lifestyle.